Server Sentinel Service

Server Sentinel


With the reliability and ease of use of Apple’s Server software, it’s tempting to set up your server in a closet and then just “forget about it.” But we believe it’s much better to take a proactive approach, especially when it comes to servers. A regular check of your server will avoid frustrations, costly down times, and potentially lost data.

Actoris Software’s Server Sentinel Service provides you with a weekly remote checkup of your server. We will check and report on the following key aspects of your server:

  • Perform a verification of all server hard disks
  • Repair permissions on your boot hard disk

  • Check for free space on all attached hard disks

  • Check for any available OS upgrades

  • Verify that server backup processes are completing successfully

  • Verify that any business software backups, such as Daylite or MoneyWorks backups are completing successfully

  • Prepare and send a weekly email report of the above items 

Initial Setup Fee $199
Monthly Fee $99


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