Implementation Services

There is a temptation with software to think that you can do it all yourself - just download, install, and have your business up and running on the new software before you know it. It's easy, right?

But the simple fact of the matter is that the human component of most software implementations is by far the most important. Developing and following a firm project plan, with strong buy in from management, and strong leadership of the overall project effort is critical. Business process assessment, data migration and entry, configuration and setup of hundreds of details that support the desired results...... these are the kinds of things that Actoris Consulting can provide to your organization.

With over 20 years of experience providing services and support to anything from small business to Fortune 100 enterprises, Actoris Consulting has the experience to help you evaluate, select, implement and operate your critical business systems. We can help you with the business and technical expertise you need.

We focus on key business solutions that are critical to an organizations success. Accounting, CRM/Productivity solutions such as Daylite, Zoho & MoneyWorks.

Our technology team has extensive experience in enterprise systems needs evaluations, and with implementing, training and supporting enterprise solutions. You can count on Actoris Consulting to provide a solid implementation plan, expert advice and effective training to get up and running with your business software solution.