Businesses grow better with Daylite

Daylite works at the center of your business, helping you stay on track and deliver on time. From shared calendars to simple projects, to contact management and email integration, Daylite keeps you organized and frees your mind of clutter. Get Daylite, worry less and spend time doing what you do best.

The power of Daylite grows with your business. Unlock its groupware and collaborative capabilities by adding up to 50 users. Between users, you can share calendars, contacts and projects, link emails, plus schedule meetings and delegate activities. For professionals who travel, connect to the Daylite database via the Internet, or simply pack-and-go using an offline copy of your database.

Organize your whole business in one application

Daylite keeps everything related to your business in one place. This makes it easy to find things, easy to add new things, and easy for everyone you work with to be on the same page.

On your Desk, in your pocket and at your fingertips

You’ll have your business with you wherever you go with Daylite on your Mac, iPhone and iPad.


Daylite Implementation, Training & Support

Actoris Consulting realizes the importance of a Customer Relationship Management system for every business. If your current CRM system is not meeting your needs, let Actoris Consulting develop a detailed evaluation of your needs. After understanding your needs, we can provide a personalized demonstration of Daylite and how it might fit in your company.

Our technology team has extensive experience in implementing, training and supporting CRM solutions. You can count on Actoris Consulting to provide a solid plan, expert advice and effective training to get up and running with Daylite.

Contact Actoris Consulting to arrange a no obligation consultation.